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Immediately as the first notes of Butterscotch Lemondrop starts, my ears perk up and I found myself turning up the volume. Listening closely, I’m intrigued by the unique tones and lyrics that make me realize that my head is bobbing to the music and feeling like I need to be surrounded by my best girlfriends drinking an actual Butterscotch Lemondrop! Towards the end of Butterscotch Lemondrop, you get thrown into the beat for Easy Peasy and you find yourself nodding and wanting to sing along with Edwina, who you already know would be your BFF just based off her topics and vibe in the first 2 songs. We get eased into Novelty and already I’m feeling the mix of the beat and the easiness of her voice that welcomes me into a dreamlike state reflecting on my past Novelty experiences and feeling warm. As Temperature begins, my whole demeanor changes and I’m loving the switch up in vibes on the album. Reminding me of the passion and the connection that you can feel towards someone, all while nodding my head to the beat. As the first notes of Rejoice starts, my ears perk up and I find myself turning up the music a couple more notches. I think about how I feel like I should be in the back of a convertible with all my best girlfriends cruising and vibing to this beat that makes me feel like we all bad bitches and that Edwina might just know me! Celebration eases me into a conscious state of an anthem that makes me want to celebrate myself and what me and my girlfriends bring to every table we sit at. Reminding me of the journey that led me to the success. Then Piccadilly starts and it’s nod to smooth r&b sounds that have always brought me comfort makes me wanna repeat and restart the song so I can appreciate it in all of it’s glory. As soon as Busy starts, the first couple bars shifts me to a mental vacation that also sets my mind right and reminds me of life that awaits once this EP finishes. I find my head bobbing and relating to the words that Edwina is singing. As soon as I hear the, “....Hello?” at the end of Busy, I’m taken out of this escape that Flashback Forward EP has given me by listening and vibing. I’m left wanting more and find myself pressing play on the EP so I can just listen and savor the songs and sounds all over again and again.
-Kaylene Chung


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