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"To be honest, I am an extroverted-introvert with a heart to help people build things; whether it be their brand or their life. I'm into the purpose driven moments.. that's where the magic happens."  - E. Gray

Hello New Visitors, Old Visitors, and Frequent Visitors. I am Edwina Gray, the Founder of ‘Lady In The Red Dress | PR & Marketing Agency’. However, Founder was not the first hat I have worn. I actually did freelance in congruence with several different jobs at different stops along my journey. Corporate jobs, part time jobs, full time jobs, temp jobs; jobs that did not utilize my gifts and then a few jobs that did. Those stops along the way were cool, safe even, but required no true sacrifice or faith on my end.


After holding a corporate position in the marketing department of a publishing firm for years in Southern California, I opted to leave the company and focus on my freelance opportunities. This decision yielded countless auspicious opportunities to work with some of Hollywood’s most talented newbies as well as some top lawyers, realtors, lenders, clothing boutique owners, and life coaches. For the first time in a long time, I had the perfect opportunity to zone in on me, my path, and growing company. But not without a few bumps in the road.

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Now to the scoop) I found myself dating a toxic human being, who questioned me daily on things in correlation to my worth and my abilities. Tough questions to encounter from a person undeserving of the answers. 


Nonetheless, my ego was bruised. But this allowed me to define my strength and my talents with new eyes. I began to position my heart, mind, and spirit in a place that would not allow for those type of questions to hinder me, but surrender me. Surrender me from inadequacy, fear, and complacency. I decided, that I needed to become a “Lady In The Red Dress” What is that, you ask? 


My greatest hope is that by displaying the ebb and flow of my journey (past, present, and future) others will be encouraged, that they too can become a “Lady In The Red Dress”. My journey has been extremely rewarding thus far, and I invite all entities in need of PR/Marketing to explore the ‘Services’ tab; and all persons in need of a relatable pick me up to explore the ‘Blog It Out’ section. Thank you for visiting my website, y’all come back now.. ya hear?

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