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I don’t remember much from high school. But when I think about Edwina, choir is what’s associated. Edwina has showcased her talents with covers, on social media. Covering songs that even some of the most popular artists wouldn’t touch! Edwina not only delivered with the vocals! Her whole presence is a vibe!
So when I asked for my opinion of her art, I was honored. Because of the level of vulnerability it takes for such a task. As soon as I heard the first beat, it was instant nostalgia! I’m pretty sure “Butterscotch Lemon Drop” was stuck in my head all day! It was catchy, a little demanding, and refreshing. At some point I wanted a butterscotch lemon drop. And I’m not even sure if it’s a real drink! Another one that gave me the feels was “Novelty.” It’s one of those timeless songs; you can listen to on any occasion. Or at least I know I could! Same for “Temperature” it’s another one that I would put in my 90s RnB playlist.
I’m trying to pinpoint which artist I can hear. But she owns the sound so much; it’s hard to pinpoint just one! The beat and tempo changes up with “Rejoice.” This song has plenty of Instagram captions! I think “been had it” will be on my next photo! All in all, this album was weirdly addictive! I’m definitely excited to see what Edwina has in store next!

- Jasmine Evans-Crass


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