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You've got a goal, but how do you know if you're going in the right direction? It's tough to know if what you're doing is working or not. To help give yourself an edge in achieving your goals, here are some tips that will help:

Set a small goal and a big goal.

Setting a small goal, like reading one chapter in a book, is a great way to get started. Then you can set your big goal and see how far you can get with it.

The best thing about setting smaller goals is that it helps you build momentum toward the bigger ones--and once you've achieved them all, they'll serve as stepping stones on their own!

Find a mentor or coach.

If you're having trouble getting started, asking for help can be a great way to start. If you have a mentor or coach, they can help you avoid mistakes and stay motivated. They also have the experience that can be helpful when setting goals because they've already done it before!

If this isn't possible for some reason (like if your friend has moved away), try finding someone who inspires you in some way maybe they do motivational speaking or public speaking, and ask them how they got where they are now!

Get a friend to hold you accountable.

If you're looking for an accountability partner, look no further than your friends! Friends can be great resources because they will help keep you on track and remind you of the importance of achieving your goals. They also provide valuable feedback and advice, which can be invaluable when it comes to making sure that what you're doing actually works out in the long run. The key here is finding someone who will hold himself accountable as well as hold others accountable which means finding someone who knows how to push through challenges without losing sight of his own goals or giving up entirely.

Begin with something simple, like reading one chapter daily in your book of choice.

You can start with something that's easy and enjoyable. If you're into reading, start by reading one chapter daily in your book of choice. If it doesn't sound like fun, then maybe try another method of achieving success: exercise! People who are physically fit tend to be more productive as well because they have more energy and can focus better on their work when they feel good about themselves.

Decide what to focus on first.

When you're trying to accomplish something, it's easy to get distracted by the shiny object. You might feel like you have so many things that need doing and so little time in which to do them all, but if you focus on one thing at a time and keep that focus throughout your day, you'll find that your productivity will increase significantly.

This doesn't mean that everything else should be ignored; it just means that when it comes down to choosing which thing will be most productive or enjoyable after working hard on the first one, then go ahead and do what makes sense for your situation (even if this means waiting until later).

Don't compare yourself to others, but instead compare yourself to your own best version of yourself.

You are your own person, so don't compare yourself to others. You can't be like someone else, and you can only be the best version of yourself.

You might think that everyone has their own unique traits and background that makes them who they are, but this is not true! In fact, there are many ways in which we all look alike: we're all human beings; some people have blue eyes and some people have brown eyes; men and women both have XY chromosomes, and so on!

So don't focus on things like physical appearance or social status because those things aren't what make us different from each other--they're just superficial details that distract us from seeing who we really are underneath our skin. Instead of focusing on external factors like these things that could affect how others perceive us, focus instead on finding out what kind of person YOU want others around YOU to perceive YOU as being when interacting with THEM for YOURSELF (because remember: this isn't about anyone else but YOU!).

The key to achieving your goals is to make small changes, day by day, that can lead to big results later on. Remember that the first step is always the hardest, but once you get through those initial obstacles, things become easier. And if you get stuck at any point along the way? Don’t give up! You can always go back and read through this list again until it makes sense in light of how far you’ve come thus far. Good luck!

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