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Just as a flower must develop at it's very own pace along it's journey, this is true for us and our personal journeys.

A rose will bloom in it's time, and it will die in it's time. In nature, there is no such thing as rushing, it arrives everywhere it is intended in perfect timing. This is why nature brings peace to our chaotic souls, even if only temporary.

All of our journeys require strength and integrity. Strength to fight the battles that matter and leap the obstacles in our way. Integrity so we won't be tempted to take short cuts. Integrity so we can pass our acquired knowledge to the next generation. Integrity creates for better mapping and navigation of our journeys.

As you live, progress, work, lead or follow; you will notice obstacles unrelated to your journey will crop up, it will only be strength that gets you through it, and integrity that makes you proud of the aftermath.

Along your day, if something pops up unsuspected, overwhelming, or flat out annoying... remember strength and integrity will get you on the other side of it!



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