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Hi There Beautiful People!

This Founder has been crazy busy these past two weeks. Everything from client emergencies, new client meetings, several collaboration opportunities, advertisement campaigns, events, graphic projects and more.

I think it'd be very transparent to admit that my company is hitting another growth spurt, those close to me know I've been going to sleep at 3 and 4 am to finish projects. I love what I do and I have systems in place for the level LITRD was on.. but it's time for me to recalibrate and edit my systems to make sure it is conducive for where LITRD is going.

So for about the next two weeks, I'll be in the brainstorming and restructuring process. I do this often for companies, but I can not neglect the quarterly check ups of my own company.

Business is booming, and I am super blessed to be the vessel for this vision. We are officially in peak season, and it's time to streamline all of our processes for the summer months and beyond.

It has been chaotic, but I have had an absolute blast. There is nothing more awesome than seeing my clients thrive and live their dreams; and the unique trade-off is witnessing it, facilitating, it, and LITRD growing from it.

With every success story, awesome review, or referral; we grow. It's truly a blessing to have a mutually beneficial connection with each client.

I hope my story, my development, and insight is encouraging to someone out there struggling with the decision to start a business. - my advice? - GO FOR IT!



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