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Today was everything but a normal Friday. News hit my uncle had died, suddenly.

Without any real disease or health issues to warrant a sudden death; just gone. Poof!

For all intensive purposes outside of that, today would have been fabulous, truly one for the books. Business was in full boom.

In standard fashion, when the news hit, I detached and worked. I garnered all the sympathy in the world for my family but didn't know how to feel personally.. I also hadn't seen this Uncle in a long time.. I thought it was kind of normal to have some type of indifference.

I was secretly angry/uncomfortable at every step of the process I had to participate in as the daughter of one of the family members suffering from a deceased sibling. I went everywhere but I mentally was not present.

Then, it hit me, my mom was short one sibling. Someone she grew up with had crossed over. Life showed me how swift it can be, and honestly, I felt guilty for choosing detachment over empathy even if for a short while.

As we all departed from dinner and discussion of what took place, I found myself in tears, having gone ALL day without one.. No matter how you try.. where there is a sting, there is definitely a burn.

Rest In Awesomeness Uncle Scooter, I hate to know that you're gone.. so much brilliance your soul had to offer. But I know that your brilliance had borders that exceeded earth.. if never or all too rare to remember.. I love you.

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