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Soooooo.. I KNOW I said this week's topic would be about budgeting, but change of plans! ;)


A Scout is never taken by surprise; they know exactly what to do when anything unexpected happens. Robert Baden-Powell

Now, I never was a girl scout, but I think that one of their mottos could be of benefit to anyone willing to apply it. I recently had a surprise take place in my life. It definitely startled me, very similar to walking around the corner and seeing a toy snake.

Though the agony of seeing a snake should diminish once you realize it's a toy, that does not stop your heart from beating out of your chest. The 15-20 minute "calm down" that ensues after may be frantic in disposition, but it is very natural! It's just about training yourself for the moments in life that take your breath away; good or bad.

The most successful people have a solid view on the circumstances of life, and they respond to them accordingly.. OR if you're like me and need a few days for the shock to wear off, it just means that's an area of development. It's okay, because next prank, scare, surprise.. the effect will be completely different. You'll notice your "calm down" time is now 5-10 minutes instead of the original time frame, and before you know it, you'll be completely unbothered. (hair flip) Lol

Now, there's initial shock AND after-shock. In business and life, it is important to have excellent response during crisis and after, because this actually determines how you will face your next surprise!

Surprises come in all forms, so it's best to understand that good or bad to abide by scout rules: "A scout is never taken by surprise they know exactly what to do when anything unexpected happens." #ScoutsHonor

It is a focal point of our movement to empower others, especially women. We invite you back this same time next week to see what topic we'll be highlighting for the week!

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