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Love + Ambition = Happiness?

Love and ambition often feels mutually exclusive.. if you want one you have to sacrifice the other.. How dare we desire warm hearts and full pocket books/itineraries?!

It's even scientifically proven that a woman who has a low libido usually has high ambition and career success; and vice versa. Why does it feel like one desire has to be suppressed for another one to expand and flourish?

Being a woman with ambition and a strong desire to love and be loved, it is DIFFICULT to focus in balance. To be honest, I've found myself on occasion wanting to choose.. LOVE or AMBITION? The scary thing is to me without them both you lose.

Now, that may be the hopeless romantic in me because I definitely see single women bossing up, flipping their hair, and running up checks... BUT, I also see a peace, a staple of accomplishment when they find someone who chooses to do life with them.

A tougher balance is having an equally ambitious partner.. love just about flies out the window and you kind of become competitors which could be good.. or worse your visions and dreams fall flat in comparison to theirs.

It's not easy wanting to be somebody in this big beautiful world. It's not easy wanting to be madly, hopelessly, in love with somebody. Life is not easy in general, it's relatively a series of obstacle courses that once/if you fail them, you have to retake them. Lol

Even with all the chaos life can bring, it's pretty awesome and all about perspective. If you are a workaholic.. YOU WILL find love. If you are in love seeking your dreams, THEY WILL come true!

Timing is key! (I have a love/hate relationship with that

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