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Life is so cool, weird, annoying, and I can't forget.. AMAZING!

How are you treating the people in your life? Are you putting expiration dates on things and situations that you shouldn't.. OR have you been drinking spoiled milk for the past three years?

Sometimes people will drop into your life out of nowhere. There's seemingly no rhyme, no reason, and no purpose... they're just there. But, what we don't know is that person is like a seed planted and it's fruit will be revealed in the perfect timing.

I recall, having lunch with a friend of mine... had a blast. As I was walking to my car to drive home. I yelled, "Hey, Can I come?" Mind you I hadn't asked a question like that since high school, but that day I was down for the ride!

My dear friend said, "Of course, girl.. Get in!" .. We drove for about 45 mins. When we arrived to the location, I met someone who my friend had made mention of in passing for years. YEARS! This person I met reintroduced me to myself. This person told me so many things about myself, fears no one knew I had, dreams I hadn't dreamed yet, my future, and my past. I was startled at how a stranger could know so much about me. I was blown away at how I could know OF this person... but didn't receive the extension of the

connection until NOW.. Like why now?? Creepy, right? Lol

Stay tuned for part 2 of this story... It'll blow your mind! It'll also make you more aware of the hidden blessings in your life.

See you later,


E. Gray

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