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Recognizing the gift that each person carries within them is a unique ability, recognizing that gift may be better served outside of your life is an extraordinary ability.

“Pals of the Past” Or “Friends of the Future”

To gain access to love and affirmation of a person is a great thing. To acquire a familial bond with a person is an even better thing. To understand the expiration of any relationship is a spectacular thing.

Friendships and relationships don’t stand the test of time for many reasons, those reasons are really not the lesson; the lesson is the purpose behind their existence in your life. During the relationship, as well as post relationship.. One question should be at the forefront, “What purpose do/did they serve?” If that answer is obsolete that is a huge problem.

One lesson I actually wish I would have applied to my adolescent years is the understanding that “Friends” carry a purpose, and to figure it out in a quantifiable way and disburse value based on the findings. STOP! labeling people with titles that don’t fit. Stop calling a cat a dog, a snack a spider, a triangle a square, and an associate a friend.

Today, decipher if the people in your life are “pals of the past” or “friends of the future”, measure your future goals with their capability to carry the weight of being a friend. Don’t be upset if you find they aren’t capable, just store them in the “pals of the past” file and proceed with releasing a surge of energy that would attract the type of life-mates necessary for your life path.

It’s 2016, the year of realized dreams, be careful of who you keep on your team. This is not a call to cut people off, or run away from the problems you have with your friends. People are humans, there will be errors, but if you notice someone not extending reciprocity to you and your endeavors, wisdom would have you to analyze and act on what you find.

Happy Findings! Wisdom is the principle!

See you later,




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