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One Bad Seed Can Bear Amazing Fruit

Often we find ourselves in predicaments that are not reflective of the direction we want our lives to go. These things take us by surprise or throw us off our game. Whether it’s a break up, an unexpected bill, or a temporary pause from pursuing your degree these things shape and affect our optimism. Our optimistic views can be molded in a negative or positive way.

What I’ve learned from these random.. annoying.. “Whyyyyy is this happening to me RIGHT now.. I like totally just got all my ducks in a row..” is they kind of always work out for your good. I’ve had enough experience with random mishaps to say, “it sucks now, but tomorrow it’ll be okay”.

A personal analogy of this is, my junior year in high school, I had a cute little red Cougar. This car was so adorable to me, red and black leather interior, red and black rims, just the perfect first car.

After having this car for a short while, I was in collision with a drunk driver. My car was immediately totaled out. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around why that would happen. The timing seemed terrible, I had just gotten it. Went from having this bomb set of wheels to no car and a slightly deformed arm.

What I then learned was that the car was a ticking time bomb, it had so many under the radar issues the assessor told us that the car would not have lasted me more than 2 years. Due to this dramatic and annoying moment in my life, I was able to purchase a car that was brand new without any previous owners.

This car became a very dependable friend, I left my home state for 8 years, I would have never been able to take that step with a vehicle I could not trust. So what seemed like a bad seed at the moment bore amazing fruit in the end.

I have countless stories where something CUH-razy happened and it actually was to my benefit. I encourage you to acknowledge the annoyance of the predicaments that crop up in your life, but also acknowledge it will also be to your benefit in the end.

See you later,




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