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2016 has the markings of being a spectacular year for any and everybody with an open heart to be great, receive great, and extend great to others. 2016 can easily be the GREATEST year to date if we allow ourselves to do three things:

Resolve. Establish. Queen

Instead of a resolution for the New Year, how about we resolve any lingering negative energy from 2015, I challenge you as well as myself not to carry ONE negative thing into 2016. Say goodbye to negative people, negative relationships, and negative thinking.

Au Revoir to that cute guy who just can’t seem to see your true value, and couldn’t find the love to give you even with gps. Adios to those friends who just don’t quite get you, and you never feel like yourself around them. Goodbye to bad decisions, pain, heartache, fear, and disappointment.

Soooo.. We can establish our true worth, develop new relationships and friendships from a healthy place. Establish just who the hell we would like to be in this crazy world. Establish how we would like to look, feel, and maneuver our new year.

Establish bomb boundaries, boundaries so set in stone.. people don’t even come to you with things you aren’t willing to do because they KNOW better. Establish a trust in your abilities. You CAN do it. We CAN do it. Si se puede! (Okay, maybe I was a little fond of that movie on the Disney Channel growing up lol)

Annnndddd. Finally, we must QUEEN.. We must live every day in our truth and with purpose. Wake each day with a fire in our hearts and a spirit of gratitude. We must queen because it is the only way we won’t forget. To forget is to repeat, and we are looking to create new experiences, not relive past mistakes.

I am soooo up for the challenge, 2015 had some beautiful moments but I know 2016 will be greater. Blessings over your New Year! I encourage you to take your emotional approach very seriously when it comes to your desires for 2016, throw your hands up to the sky, you never know what blessings will land in your hand!

See you later,



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