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Work can be stressful. It tugs and pulls at you. It can seem like it runs you ragged and

bury you into the ground. There’s conflict and company politics. The point is, the job can give you headaches and heart palpitations, in a bad way. It is important to find and maintain a balance in one’s life between work and everything else. With that in mind, I’d like to offer up three tips to help assist you with managing your work and the life you lead outside of your career.

Here are three ways to balance your work and home life.

1. Work stays at work.

Work and home are two separate entities. Even for individuals who work from home,

home is supposed to be a sanctuary. A safe space. There should be a clear and defined

boundary between the two. When working from home there should be a cutoff time, in

which one should finally put work down for the evening until the next day.

2. Remember to rest.

This goes hand in hand with tip 1. Just like one must remember to put work down at the

end of the day, one must also make sure they get enough rest nightly. Getting enough

hours each night will ensure that you are awake, alert, and attentive during the day. Being tired and sluggish will only slow you and your daily work progress down. So, remember to get adequate rest every night.

3. Health is wealth

Physical, mental, and emotional health is wealth. When you feel good physically,

mentally, and emotionally, you do good. Take care of yourself and your needs. Go to the gym or go for a run. Sit down and talk about things bothering you with a licensed

therapist. Visit with a spiritual leader for spiritual discernment and guidance. Stay

physically active, healthily release and cope with your emotions, and find peace and

balance with your state of mind.

Health is personal wealth. Remember that. Your mind, your body, is the incubatory

machine that produces ideas, puts in hard work, and channels the creativity flowing within you. There is so much more that goes into taking care of yourself and I implore you to do your own research and find your own methods. You know you better than anyone else. Find the physical, mental, and emotional processes right for you to ensure your continued health and wellness.


The Intern

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