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Dear Dreamer,

In a world that can be difficult to maneuver, where one may often question their sense of self and purpose; I implore you to keep dreaming. Keep visualizing, conceptualizing, and creating. Pursue your hustle and perfect your craft(s). Continue connecting and networking with likeminded and passionate individuals. Establish relationships and engage in apprenticeships and mentorships. Don’t stop dreaming. Don’t wait for next week or next month to start working on that dream of yours. Start working on it today, now, in this time.

There’s an old saying that goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. This is true. Rome was

built over the course of many consecutive days and nights, through the continued efforts of architects, drafters, engineers, laborers, etc. But before Rome became the illustrious Italian capital city that it is known as today, it started out as a dream, an idea. Similarly, multimillion-dollar corporations like Fenty, Apple, and Beats all started out as dreams, as ideas, that were invested in and carefully constructed over time.

To fully bring your dream to fruition will take time. It may take weeks. It may take years. Regardless of the timetable, don’t stop dreaming. Don’t let that passionate spark within you fade. Don’t give up. Don’t settle for less than the very best for you and your ideas. Realize your dream. Explore your dream to the very fullest, study every angle, resource, opportunity, and possibility. Determine the best route for you to take, being open to surprise alterations and opportunities along the way. Dear dreamer, don’t stop dreaming.


The Intern

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