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RTYD 2019 is a #SocialCompetition brought to you by ‘Lady In The Red Dress | PR/Marketing Agency’ this is the perfect platform for the dreamers out there looking for an opportunity to showcase their gift, no matter what their day time job may be. ALL dreamers welcome. ❤️

How to Enter:

1.) Follow & Tag Us On Our Social Channels

(FB: 'Lady In The Red Dress|PR/Marketing Agency', IG: LadyInTheRedDressBlog, if you have Twitter: @edwinagray_pr)


3.) Post a Video:

A.) Telling Us About Yourself

B.) Showcasing Your Gift


To create an opportunity for the dreamer who may not readily feel like a "dreamer" due to life, schedule, or circumstances. All dreamers are welcome, but the competition is meant to highlight and support the dreamers we are often unaware of.


By day, a person may be an accountant but has a true flair for design.

By day, a person may work as customer service support, but is a brilliant writer.

By day, a person may be a CEO but has a passion for music.

Do you get it? We want to see it all. We encourage you to support, and tell a closeted dreamer about this great opportunity!


$300 CASH

Dinner For 2

Awarded a plaque as the winner

& a few bonus surprises as well!

March 4th is our official start date, get your content ready, and submit. It's super easy!

If you have any questions, feel free to utilize our contact page and we will provide answers to any questions you may have!


E. Gray

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