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My my my.. *Sigh*

Can I make a confession?

I can?




This past 6 weeks, I have been on autopilot. Business is great, and I checked out (temporarily); but I did. It's super human of me and every entrepreneur goes through it.

BUT.. I was super disappointed in myself yet also excited for what it means that I was able to isolate and address the issue so quickly and sternly.

It means I will always be mindful of my priorities and the importance of my business. Yes, things will get hectic, busy, awesome, fun, chaotic, and overwhelming but my standards for my company are never far from sight.

My clients obviously did not notice this "slippage" because during this time, they still received immaculate services; I would never let anything I'm processing effect my current clients. What this effected more than anything was 'LITRD'.

'LITRD' needs a leader who wakes up every single day with an empty belly and an ambitious glare in their eyes. "LITRD' needs a leader who will knock down any door that stands in the way of it's progression. 'LITRD' needs a leader that will never lose sight of it's goals. 'LITRD' needs a leader dedicated to education and the implementation of all learned knowledge.

'LITRD' has this leader. This leader is me, no matter how brief the "slippage", it always puts things in the perfect perspective for the season of my life. Being the Libra that I am, balance is something I obsess over, it's important to me.. and when I'm out of balance, the red flags go allllll the way up.

Universe, I am present, and listening and ready for what is next! I am here for what this lesson has brought, and the swarm of new clients that will be coming in for the Summer months.

I absolutely love my clients, and my readers. Every day will not be perfect, but long as you are willing to call yourself out and restore balance; there's a lesson and a blessing in there for you and your vision!



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