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Yay! It's about that time! I am getting ready for my founder's photoshoot. This is a hallelujah moment, because arriving at the day before the shoot came with soooooo many roadblocks!

The original shoot was scheduled for October, and rescheduled every single month until FINALLY I am one day out from the shoot and couldn't be anymore excited.

I obviously was knocked over the head with a brick name procrastination. I pushed this shoot off for so many different reason, but mainly I did not feel ready to present myself as the founder.. Am I too short? Am I too chunky? Am I too curvy? Will the dress fit right?

In life we postpone so many things based off of internal barriers, but they are just that internal.. these are things the outside world wouldn't even think twice about. Always go for the gusto, the time is always NOW.

I am so excited to share the photos and incorporate them into branding, as well as excited to kick those internal barriers down!

I hope this encourages you to kick a few barriers down yourself, and take action now instead of later!

It is a focal point of our movement to empower others, especially women. We invite you back this same time next week to see what topic we'll be highlighting for the week!

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