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Genuine: truly what something is said to be; authentic.

If there's anyone famous who knows a thing or two about success and treating people well, it's Taylor Swift.

The superstar singer has her fair share of award statues, yet finds time to interact with fans, even hanging out with them.

While it almost seems like everything goes her way, unluckily for Taylor, not everyone's a fan of that.

The singer has been harshly criticized by both the public and fellow celebrities.

That's not why she's our WCW.

She's our WCW because she's able to overcome this criticism, be genuine, and continue her success.

You're going to have critics--it's a way of life--but you can learn from Taylor and keep going. Don't let that criticism get to your head. WE have faith in your company and you should too.

It is a focal point of our movement to empower others, especially women. We invite you

back this same time next week to see what person local or abroad we will be

highlighting for the week!


LITRD Staff (Michelle)

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