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If I had a million dollars.. If I had a partner.. If I had support.. If I had the connections.. If I could just.. find the right person to help me get to where I’m going... I would be SET!

How Long Is Your “If” List?

I can’t lie, I’ll be the first to admit, we do live in a world that permeates the whole “know somebody who knows somebody who knoooowws somebody” system, but we still have the opportunity to choose. We can choose if we will live in that system or live outside of that system with great understanding of it.

I once had a VERY long “If” list, it was so cheesy. I mean its incredible how early we learn about the big “If”. When I was 13 years old, my whole “If” list encompassed me and Omarion getting married, and from that all my happiness would abound. Oh my gosh! Thank goodness for growth! Not knocking O, but I would never want my happiness to be linked to one external source. I want it to come from within.

As I progressed through adolescence and adulthood, my list obviously developed leaps and bounds beyond teenage love affairs with the lead singer of a boy band. But I noticed one thing never changed about my “If” list.. it limited me, my thinking, and my approach to life. I recently threw away my “If” list!

There were so many things that appeared out of reach because of this list... so many things only seemed accomplishable with age, time, connections, and experience. Though those factors play a huge role in life and progression, they should never stop the TRY factor. You never know what the universe has in store, one clueless decision can land you in the dream seat.

Don’t put off your dream job, dream company, dream vacation, or dream date because of your “If” list. Whatever you desire, you have just enough fire within you to attain it.

I encourage you to throw away that “If” list, and create you an “Is” list. It IS so, I will attain happiness, wealth, and love.

See you later,




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