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Lady In the Red Dress | PR/Marketing Agency is having a phenomenal 2017 and it's only set to get better and better. Client satisfaction, intake, and projects are exceeding industry standard.

To be honest, I love our clients. We have assisted many brands, companies, and people in short term goals as well as long term. The cool thing about assisting companies is it keeps us accountable of our goals and missions.

Though our target client is any and everyone, it has always been a goal to eventually have a department for the entertainment, fashion, and products.

And as of today, we are that much closer. Throughout my career, I have worked with several who's who of young/new hollywood, but that was prior to having the company infrastructure necessary to be able to maintain those clients on a continual basis; so at that time it was very project and service based.

I can say gratefully that the infrastructure is in place, and that we have been in talks with a million-dollar product creator for the past two weeks, an upcoming rapper with quite a few credits, and signed an amazing stand-up comedian. We are working our butts off trying to get it done!

I am so thankful for our white collar clients: realtors, lawyers, finance, investigation, non-profit owners; you stabilize our continually evolving company. Thankful for our blue collar clients, you keep us busy with cool projects. AND I must say I LOVE our entrepreneurial clients, you keep everything fun and interesting!

It is a focal point of our movement to empower others, especially women. We invite you back this same time next week to see what topic we'll be highlighting for the week!


E. Gray

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