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If you rely on external support, you will for sure lose the motivation and focus required to accomplish your goals. Too often we create a mandate that calls for others to support us to validate our vision. The moment the vision was dropped into your thought life that is all the validation it needed.

Internal Support Equals External Victory

I remember hearing a very successful person say, “I have to keep my blinders on”.. At the time I wondered what exactly did they mean by that? When you are embarking on something as special, unique, and worthy as the pursuit of your passion or vision.. BLINDERS are required.

When horses are about to run a race, their trainers place blinders on them. Blinders restrict horses from seeing what’s behind or to the side of them. Blinders allow them to only focus on what’s in front of them.. The task at hand.. The race they’re in.. The prize at the end.

In 2016, I encourage anyone with a vision, a dream, a goal.. Put your blinders on. You do not need to see what’s behind you .. The past is the past. You do not need to see what’s beside you.. the energy that’s required to look to the left or right could be used to run faster! Use that extra energy to confirm to yourself why you’re even in the race at all.

Looking to others for support, hoping to be gratified, hoping that people will show up for your vision.. is a bad idea. What if it’s their job to show up for someone else’s vision? You cannot allow your vision to be delayed because of what feels like a lack of external support. If you have to be your own internal cheerleader on the field alone.. SO BE IT. Put your blinders on and run!

I encourage you to assert yourself and strengthen yourself. Every external blessing you can imagine is headed your way long as you trust yourself enough to believe.. You got the juice!

See you later,




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