Join The Movement

Lady In The Red Dress Blog’s mission is to empower each and every person within our reach with a soft spot for women going through those hysterical “20 somethings” moments. Lady In The Red Dress is reflective of a woman stepping outside of fear, inadequacy, and social norms to become her true self; her best self. Every time you put on that red dress physically and figuratively, you allow yourself to be lifted higher and higher. To be a “Lady In The Red Dress” simply means ONE day, you got tired of being afraid and you decided to be bold. In the process of being bold, sometimes we like to revert back to being afraid, but the “Blog It Out” section is your haven and feel free to make yourself at home, where you can find weekly inspiration through: humor, encouragement, life lessons, and fashion. Join the movement, become a Lady In The Red Dress.